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elcome ITEX Members!
Thank you for considering
Plus for providing your streaming video needs.
We have set aside
these four studio packages, as well as our studio FAQ packages from which you can pay 100% ITEX At the same pricing as cash customers!

Please keep in mind that any additional hours of service beyond the standard package parameters are on a cash basis, but we are confident that you will be more than thrilled with the ability to utilize your trade dollars on such an extremely "High-Impact" marketing tool! Don't forget to take a look at our innovative email marketing services as well. 

If you are out of the area and prefer not to fly in, we can arrange for an affordable actor to represent your company (talent is paid in cash).

Thanks again for choosing VideoIntros Plus! 

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Everyone knows that the cost of producing a high quality, video introduction is going to run several thousand dollars, right? Well not any more... We've developed a brand new method of producing broadcast quality "Streaming Video Introductions" for as little as $457.But don't be fooled by the low price!. We have been, and continue to be a broadcast-quality video production service, who's work has been broadcast locally, nationally, and internationally. Our production method was developed specifically to provide you with the same impact value you would expect from any high-quality production company, at a mere ten-twenty cents on the dollar.

Traditionally, pricing for video production has been based on standard hourly, or daily rates; because we have not strayed from our quality, we continue to charge by the hour. The difference is that we have prepared the necessary components in advance to ensure the highest level of efficiency, enabling us to produce a
high impact value at a fraction of the cost.  

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     Video Email
  Search Listing

List your Video Introduction on our website, and attract visitors who know they will find Video Introductions on every listing.

    $20 per month or
$190 for one full year
We are no longer accepting ITEX as payment.
We'll pay you 10% of every dollar we take in from every
CASH paying customer you refer to us...GUARANTEED! 

Your client and prospect list is untapped money in the bank all you need is to send your cash clients to us and you can sit back and watch the cash roll in. Don't forget to email us your cash referral offer and we'll send cash clients your way as well!
 Single Angle Package
   - Single camera angle
   - Select from an assortment of 
   - Teleprompter
   - Real-Time Non-Linear Editing
   - One multi-bitrate Windows
     Media stream up to 30 sec.** 
   - Up to 20 minutes of studio time
   - Upload Stream(s) to your server 
     (or VideoIntros servers if option  
     is purchased)

$457 100% ITEX!

  Single-Angle Plus Package
   - Single camera angle
   - Select from an assortment of 
   - Opening animated graphic
               (client  Provided)
   - Closing  animated graphic 
                 (client Provided)
   - Lower third title key
   - Background music
   - Teleprompter
   - Real-Time Non-Linear Editing
   - One Multi-bitrate Windows
     Media stream up to 60 sec.** 
   - Up to 20 minutes of studio time
   - Upload Stream(s) to your server 
     (or  VideoIntros servers if option  
     is  purchased)

$597100% ITEX
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  Corporate Identity Package
- Three camera angles
 - Select from an assortment of 
   background sets
 - Change background colors to 
   match corporate identity

 - Add your logo and theme 
   graphic of your choice to  
   existing set
(requires logo  to be 
in  separate layers, and 
    client provided theme graphic)
- Text/bullet points - (Up to ten 
   lines of up to 25 characters 
   each, over theme graphic, or 
   up to 3 bullet points of up to 50 
   characters each)
 - Lower third title key
 - Lower third highlight keys
 - Teleprompter
 - Real-Time Non-Linear Editing
 - Background music
 - Closing Graphic
 - One multi-bitrate Windows 
   Media Stream of up to 3 Min.** 
 - Maximum camera time Up to  
   90 minutes.
 - Provide Video Player icon  
   (upon request)
 - Place link on Your Website 
   (upon request, some sites not 
 - Upload stream(s) to videoemail
    account and VideoIntros 
    servers if option is purchased

$1,597 100% ITEX

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Deluxe eMarketing Package
This all-inclusive eMarketing package is a must have for every small business owner, non-profit organization, or sales and marketing department and comes complete with our high-impact Corporate Identity video introduction package! Also included in this package are one full hour of scripting and one half hour of on-set coaching (to ensure your video makes a perfect first impression). In addition to these gifts, we will also produce up to three additional broadcast- quality "Follow-Up Videos" that you can email to the prospects you meet while networking. We will also design and upload to your video email account, a full set of graphics, fully-branded to your company  and preset to the hyperlinks of your choice.

Key feature include:

- Full Corporate Identity Package
- Up to 1 hour of scripting 
- Up to ˝ hr. of "On-Set Coaching"
- Video Email packages with 
  custom graphic design and 
  upload including: header, primary 
  offer and two lower banner ads
- Up to Three "Follow-Up" videos

All for only $3,297! 100% ITEX

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FAQ Videos (Frequently Asked Questions)
he number one reason people leave a website without buying is because they didn't get the right information they needed to make a decision... For more information on our "Frequently Asked Questions" packages and pricing click here. 100% ITEX if shot in studio

Turbo Traffic™ 
Search Engine Dominance!
We have literally established hundreds of 1st page Google rankings for our business through our Turbo Traffic™ search engine dominance sales marketing system and so can you. Because the listing of 1st page rankings is limited to such a small number per keyword search term, we are unable to offer this on ITEX. However, you can have thousands of dollars worth of videos produced on 100% ITEX and use those videos to dominate your local search engine market! To find out more about our Turbo Traffic™ search engine dominance click here!

Additional Scripting
Because most clients have already prepared an elevator pitch, and know what's most important to them when representing their clients, we have saved you hundreds of dollars in scripting fees by preparing basic templates to assist you in preparing your own script. However, many may feel the need to enlist our script writing services to assist them in their writing, or may even choose to rely on us for their entire scripting process. In either case, our scripting fee's are $125 per hour, with 15 minute minimum increments.*

You may choose to enhance your on-camera performance by attending a private coaching session where we will evaluate your current on-camera presentation techniques and provide in-depth coaching. Along with your technique, we can utilize this time to evaluate your wardrobe, hair, makeup etc, for compatibility with the set and technology as well. This session will be taped on the actual set we will use for your final Video Introduction, and played back throughout every phase of the coaching. This will enable you to better understand the coaching and know exactly what to practice on before your final production shoot.  $150 per 30 min. session

Additional Encoding
- Additional video stream rates are:
      - Flash - $75 per stream
      - Window Media - $75 per stream
      - RealVideo - $100 per stream
- QuickTime - $100 per stream

Additional Studio or Editing Services
Our current packages are estimated to achieve a targeted impact value for the dollar amount. Should you choose to raise the bar and go above and beyond the standard production by adding additional testimonials, camera angles, or any other reasons for needing additional studio or editing time, the rates are as follows:
Camera Time - $300 per hour
Post Production Time (editing, graphic design, music, etc.) - $200 per hour

Field Production Rates*
You may choose to enhance your video by enlisting our Field Production Services to record an escrow closing, block party, community service, sign planting or closing, on-site testimonial, or any other event you deem effective at representing yourself in your introduction. To view these "Field Production Rates" please click on the following link:   "FIELD PRODUCTION RATES"

Hosting Rates (Optional)
Clients may choose to host their streaming video on their existing web site. For those who would like us to upload and host their video for them, rates are as follows:
$10 per month or first stream***
$5 per month for each additional stream***

Web Updates (Optional)
You may elect for to update your website by adding pages, links, and or graphics. - $100 per hour (typical update will take about one hour)

Native Project Storage (Optional)
By saving your entire project in it's native format, you will eliminate the cost of shooting and editing your entire project from scratch. From it's native format, updating your video will only generate the expense of shooting, and plugging in the new content. $25.00

Portrait Updates (Optional)
While in our studio, you may elect to shoot a new portrait for your website or collateral. Your portrait can be computer enhanced and will be placed on an attractive background to match your existing site. $75 Search Listing (Optional)
List your Video Introduction on our website, and attract visitors who know they will find Video Introductions on every listing
per month or 
pre-paid annually

† - Prices subject to change without notice.
  * - Travel, setup and teardown included in hourly total.
  ** - Add $200 for ambient lighting kit
  *** Limit 500 megabit transfer rate per month (call for pricing on additional transfer rate or overage rates). 
  ‡ - Add $250 for teleprompter
                                      We will not charge penalties for overages!

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