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s a veteran of the United States Military, we would like to reward you for your sacrifice!

Limited Time

or detailed information on how our "Streaming Video Introductions" can drive sales, and what you can expect during the process, please click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) links below:

Why is online video needed more in this economy than ever?
How can a "Virtual Face-to-Face Relationship" help me break down the "Walls of Defense"?
What do you mean by "Emotional Buy-In"?
What are the best ways to utilize my video(s)?
How does online video help "Separate yourself from the competition"?
What do you mean by "You're the Difference"?
I don't have a website, so how can I use a video?
What if I'm intimidated by cameras, or forget my lines?
’m worried because I don’t know how to act on camera; can you provide me with any training?
Can you provide someone to perform on camera for me?
How can video help me make a better first impression?
When we send the video in email, is it a large file?
Can I distribute my video to search engines and social media sites?
Who owns the video and is there a recurring fee?
What is the turnaround time?
If I travel to your studio, can you get me a discount on hotels?
I have several people in my office; can I get a volume discount?
Green: Can I use online video to help my company preserve the environment?
Community: What is VideoIntros Plus doing to help the Community?
Why is utilizing your FREE Youneedta Marketing and Business Resource Center so valuable?

" videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to pop up on the first page of search engine results." 
Chris Crafton , Chief Marketing Officer -

"Cisco is forecasting that global IP traffic will increase 4.3 times though 2014 and that video will be the primary driver, accounting for 91% of traffic by 2014."
Adam Write - VideoNuze

"If you're a C-level executive, 33 percent of you under the age of 50 check out work-related videos on a daily basis. And, overall, 65 percent of all videos are viewed Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m."
Chris Crafton , Chief Marketing Officer -

Click below for troop support

upporting our severely wounded troops is our passion at VideoIntros Plus! Without the sacrifices of our troops and their families, none of us would enjoy the freedom to pursue our businesses. To find out more about what you can do to help, simply click on the graphic above. 

Affordable Video Production
- Affordable Social Media
- Help with Sales
- Help With Marketing
- Help With Advertising
- Enhance Online Presence
- More Internet Traffic
- Veteran’s Business Loans
- Small Business SEO


10% Discount for Veteran Owned Businesses
Upload videos to, or link from Google, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, newsletters,
articles, websites  or any other search engine or social media site to dramatically increase web traffic!

Do I Qualify for This Discount?

If you own a small business and you, your spouse or child, is an honorably discharged veteran or currently serving in the United States military … you qualify for a
50% discount on all video production services and video production packages during this limited time offer (we at VideoIntros Plus® recognize that not only have our veterans made extreme sacrifices for our freedom and security, but so have the spouses and parents of our veterans, so we have decided to include them as a reward for their sacrifices as well)*

Want to Out-Maneuver Your Competition?

This is a great opportunity for you to out-maneuver your competition and dramatically increase sales. Taking advantage if this massive discount could be the perfect solution for your business, so call us today to lock in your production times and out maneuver your competition! (408) 975-9325

Outside of the Bay Area?

If you’re business is located out
side of the Bay Area, you can still take advantage of our 50% offer. Some services can be performed with voice over and on-screen talent located here in the bay area, for some, the saving you will receive will make it is worth the expense of traveling to our studio to be on your video, while others will find it worth your while to pay the small added expense for us out to travel to your location and in many cases, we can contract a crew in your location to videotape at your site. Either way, we have   numerous options to help you take advantage of this amazing opportunity to dramatically enhance your marketing and advertising efforts, so pick up the phone and lock in your production times now! (408) 975-9325

Are Search Engine Domination Services Included In This Offer?

We no longer offer this package as a result in the changes to Google's search algorithms. 

Troop Support

If you would like to help support our active service members or veteran’s with special needs, please visit our troop support page for links to quality veteran support groups at

* Some packages and services may require travel expenses if located outside of the San Francisco Bay Area
Outside talent fees will be billed at full price

Take advantage of this limited offer and call today at:
                    (408) 975-9325


orthy Marketing Objectives

Here are some worthy marketing objectives where new media tactics can excel:

• Do you want to spread your content and expertise to new audiences?
• Do you want to network with like-minded individuals and companies?
• Do you want to build a community of evangelists?
• Do you want to involve your customers and prospects in co-creation?
• Do you want to automate the process of repurposing content?
• Do you want to reach new audiences in the exact way they choose to communicate?
• Do you want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry?
• Do you want ways to aggregate and filter content so you and your people can digest it?
• Do you want to easily hear literally everything that’s being said online about your brand,
products, or industry in real time?
• Do you want to be seen as a trusted source of information?

To take advantage of this limited time offer,  call us today at:
               (408) 975-9325

Below are examples of our Streaming Video Introductions; please take
a moment to view the videos that best apply to you, and give us a call!



Take a look at how some of our clients have customized their Corporate Identity videos:

Click here for same package with professional actor.

Click here for same package with custom interview of company founder added.



Here is a customized version of our Corporate Identity Package that was included in the Deluxe eMarketing Package purchased by Synergy Dental Labs. This package ran about one minute longer than most and required additional scripting, graphic design and animation, yet added less than $1000 to the price of the original package  ( some clients require additional coaching and studio time at additional fees).

See how a real estate agent utilizes this Comprehensive package as an affordable method of including testimonials to her Video Introduction.



This package can either be used with one of our pre-existing backgrounds as an introductory package to promote your business, and also utilizes custom FAQ videos to provide more detailed information for each of their primary services they offer:

Single Angle Plus package           Follow-Up Video

Corporate ID with Additional Service Videos

Click on video links below to see how this innovative health insurance company utilizes their Corporate ID package to introduce the company, and also utilizes additional videos to provide more detailed information for each of their primary services they offer:
Call Center           Consolidate Billing            Cobra 

    Benefit Management                             Electronic Enrollment

Corporate ID with Additional Service Videos

Click the links below to see how this match-making website utilizes several custom Corporate ID packages to introduce the company to investors, new prospects, new members, and also prospective venues for taping their reality dating show:

      Venues                         Sales                        Investors    

(Videos can be placed on your website, email or electronic newsletter, distributed on a DVD/CD, displayed on a laptop, or projected onto a big screen.)

Click Filmstrip to view "Compilation Video"

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